May 4, 2020


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  • This event was the online launch of Altab Ali and the Battle of Brick Lane film for Altab Ali Day 2020. The film is on limited release for 72 hours from 10:00hrs on 04/05 to 12:00hrs on 06/05.

Altab Ali Day

Altab Ali and the Battle of Brick Lane film trailer:

Altab Ali and the Battle of Brick Lane is a poignant and hopeful animated film made in partnership with London Borough of Tower Hamlets and  Loughborough University’s Migrant Memories and the Post-colonial Imagination project and directed by doctoral researcher Diwas Bisht. This energetic and moving animation was led by young people who were inspired to share the story of the senseless attack on Altab Ali which marked a significant turning point in east London’s race relations. They conducted research through local archives, heritage walks and discussions with those at the heart of the anti-racist movement in recent decades.

The illustration and stop-motion format uses a stark palette to tell this hard-hitting and true story with maximum impact. This mini documentary will be available on a limited free, online release for 72 hours from 10am Monday 4 May only before being submitted to film festivals worldwide.

We would like to know your thoughts on the Altab Ali and Battle of Brick Lane film. Please take a few moments to fill in this online feedback form


Altab Ali and the Battle of Brick Lane is no longer available online. The film will be available at film festivals and private screenings over the next 18 months once social distancing measures are no longer in place. If you would like to show the film for human rights events/educational purposes, or would like further information about the film please email the Director Diwas Bisht at or alternatively from the Tower Hamlets Council arts and events team.

If you are interested in the history of anti racism in East London, please check The Fight for Equality educational resource.

The resource has been developed with young people from George Green School in the Isle of Dogs, as a way to help others learn about the radical history on their doorstep, and the way local communities have come together to help stamp out racism.  It celebrates those who have inspired change by speaking out and taking direct action against hatred and intolerance. Their actions have contributed to making Tower Hamlets a safer and more equal place.

Stills from the Altab Ali and the Battle of Brick Lane animated film: