Statement of data use

All participants are expected to have read and understood the following statement before taking part in an interview.

Statement of data use

All the personal information provided will be kept confidential to the researchers unless it is judged that confidentiality will have to be breached for the safety of the participant or others or for audit by regulatory authorities. This is falls under the statutory obligations of the agencies which the researchers are working with.  

The data provided will be securely stored in Loughborough University Data Repository.    

All data collected will be anonymised. However, we may explicitly request to use data in which you are identifiable on our website or in public exhibitions, such as photographs of you and/or video clips in which you appearWe will always ask for your consent if we would like to use your data in this way  

Your data in the form of anonymised excerpts and quotations will be used in academic publications, reports, web pages, and other research outputs.   

MMPI works closely with a carefully selected group of partner organisations from the charity and public sector. Your data may be used by our project partners, Charnwood Arts/Equality Action/Tower Hamlets Council, for non-commercial purposes in their artwork or promotional material. This data will always be anonymised unless you have specifically consented for us to use material in which you are identifiable. 

If I donate copies of my personal or family photographs to the project I will have to I confirm that I am the copyright holder of this photograph/s and will be granting the non-exclusive right to MMPI for the use of my images. This means I am agreeing that my donated photographs can be included in the online archive/exhibitions resulting from the project activity that I am participating in. The photographs will be published and made available on the MMPI website and the website will explicitly outline that the photographs cannot be used elsewhere under an ‘all rights reserved’ closed license. 

Participation in the project is completely voluntary, anyone has the right to withdraw from this study at any stage for any reason and will not be required to explain their reasons for withdrawing.  

Please get in touch if you have any questions about your participation. 

For London, please contact: Dr Clelia Clini, 

For Loughborough, please contact: Dr Jasmine Hornabrook,