Our work in Loughborough

Our research in Loughborough involves ethnographic fieldwork with different British South Asian communities and creative community activities that aim to gain multiple perspectives on meanings of community, belonging and intercommunity relations in relation to memories of Partition and migration.

There are numerous community and cultural events that take place throughout the year in Loughborough, reflecting the diversity of the town and the broader intercultural initiatives of individuals, community groups and organisations in the town. We collaborate with different community groups and work in partnership with Equality Action – an organisation that works with communities on matters of equality, providing advice on immigration and running various projects aimed at BAME residents – and Charnwood Arts – an independent community arts and media organisation working cross-culturally with community groups. 

 Our recent projects include food and memory cooking sessions, fashion and textiles workshops, music and memory activities, film screenings, and one-off events, such as ‘Sari Day’ to mark International Women’s Day. 

“‘Well I am quite happy in Loughborough, I am well settled in Loughborough … here all the communities, the Bengali, the Punjabis, the Sikh, the English people, Chinese … are doing things together, which is a successful thing for each and every person because doing things together we learn about each other’s culture, each other’s religion, each other’s language”

– Interviewee
The India at Home project explores memories and stories of India and how ‘India’ is imagined at home in Loughborough.
Throughout the project, we have invited people from different community groups to come and watch films with us and discuss
During the COVID-19 lockdown, Muslim communities had to celebrate Ramadan at home. Building on our Food and Memory project, we
To mark International Women’s Day 2020, we organised a community-wide ‘Sari Day’, with help from Equality Action. Women from Indian
In May and November 2019, we organised two Antakshari evenings in collaboration with Geeta Bhawan temple and community centre to explore memories of migration,
From October 2019, we organised food and memory cooking sessions with a Bangladeshi women’s Thursday group (with Equality Action as
From March 2019, we worked with the Improving Lives Men’s project with Equality Action to facilitate food and memory cooking sessions.
In February 2019, we started working on a fashion, textile and memory project with the Anand Mangal group.  Using fashion and
In June 2018, we co-designed a series of photography workshops with Kevin Ryan, Charnwood Arts, the Anand Mangal group that