‘Our Home is Loughborough’: Photography workshops with Anand Mangal

In June 2018, we co-designed a series of photography workshops with Kevin Ryan, Charnwood Arts, the Anand Mangal group that resulted in an exhibition at the Loughborough Mela on 19th August 2018.

The project used photography to tell the stories of their the group’s lives and their relationship to Loughborough. Through the images, members of Anand Mangal explored their memories and experiences of Loughborough and what it means to feel at home in a new place.

We’ve also got a temple here, which used to be just a one-room temple, wasn’t it, on Meadow Lane. Next to the garage. Because when I came to England in ’64 and there was just a few families. There were not many there at that time – that’s why whenever I see them, we like to talk with them.

– Interviewee