Migrant Memory and the Post-colonial Imagination

Migrant Memory and the Post-colonial Imagination (MMPI) is a five-year research project funded by The Leverhulme Trust. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the Partition of India, the project explores how Partition and wider processes of decolonisation are remembering by people of South Asian heritage in the UK. By exploring what is remembered about Partition and the events that followed it, and the form that these memories take in the present, we are trying to better understand how memories of Partition continue to shape social relationships both inside South Asian communities in the UK and between different groups and communities. 

Latest news

MMPI will be taking part in the South Asian Heritage Month (18 July – 17 August 2020)

Two MMPI films showed as part of South Asian Heritage Month:

Photographs from our fieldwork trip to Bangladesh and India in 2020:

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5 day Food and Memory challenge coming soon

Objects and Memory coming soon