Looking for Partition stories in the streets of London: a collaboration with A Little History of the Sikhs

The streets of London reveal a wealth of Sikh and Anglo-Sikh history based on a relationship between the British and the Sikhs which spans more than three centuries. This relationship been widely researched by Rav Singh, a London-based Sikh historian, who has developed a range of innovative lectures to introduce Sikh and Anglo-Sikh history to audiences, young and old. These lectures are now supplemented by guided tours under an initiative called A little History of the Sikhs.

In 2021 we have teamed up with Rav Singh and his Little History of the Sikhs for a series of walking tours on the history of Sikhs, the British empire, independence, and Partition. Project participants will follow Rav online, as he guides us through the streets of London and will share their own memories with the MMPI team.

The series will be launched with a virtual lecture during which Rav will introduce us to the stories of the British Empire and Partition that can be told through the buildings, individuals, artefacts, and monuments found on the Streets of London.  Further information and dates for the tours are shown above. To book places, visit: https://www.alittlehistoryofthesikhs.org/panjab-and-partition/

Upcoming tours:

Watch the Punjab & Partition virtual tour 1 (21/04) here: