Our work in East London

We work with different community groups in the East End of London, especially (but not limited to) Tower Hamlets, where we work in partnership with the Arts Office of Tower Hamlets Council. Activities involve film discussions, photography, clothing and object-based workshops, guided walks, public talks, poetry and literature-based workshops.

In preparation of the annual BSK’s Boi-Lit Festival, Emily and Clelia were invited to lead a workshop on memory and
In Spring 2018 we organised a series of film screenings on the topic of Colonial India, Partition and the South
In autumn 2018 we run a series of workshops on migration, memory and local history at the Stifford Centre (Stepney
In spring 2019, we ran a series of photography workshops at the Sikh Care Community Project in Ilford. Under the
In Spring 2019 we organised with BSK a monthly Film Club. Films focused on Partition and its legacy and after
In summer 2019 we had a stall at the annual Boishakhi Mela, where we ran a “Listening project”: participants were
What does it mean to be British Bengali? How do (inherited) memories of life in East Bengal (later on Bangladesh)
In December 2019 we joined BSK’s Moulik group for a series of reading groups on the topics of migration, identity,
In October 2019 we joined forces with TATI to pilot our Food and Memory workshop. While trying out their menu
In January 2020, with the help of Sabina Khan, Parent Liaison Officer at Mulberry School for Girls, we launched a
We have facilitated a number of creative community-based workshops through the mediums of film and animation, photography, stitching onto textiles

Organisations we have collaborated with in London:

BSK London