Moulik with BSK London

Moulik with BSK London

In December 2019 we joined BSK’s Moulik group for a series of reading groups on the topics of migration, identity, Partition and the Liberation war. So far, discussions have focused on Rabindranath Tagore, Kobi Nazrul and the literature developed around the Language Movement. Discussions have moved online due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

I consider poetry as a medium of self-expression.  So through the poem people can enjoy the painting of words, ideas and feelings […] we, the poetry lover, feel something rhythmic that can build a connection, that means a bridge between poetry lovers, poetry readers and the poems. 

– Participant

In June 2020, while still in lockdown, we have worked with BSK on a sound installation project on the topic of memory, poetry, and identity. While we haven’t had the opportunity yet to showcase this installation at a public event, you can listen to it here (in English and Bengali):   

Click below to listen to the discussion in (English and Bengali):