Memoirs of East Bengal

Memoirs of East Bengal is a collection of five short clips in which BritBangla members share their experiences and reflections on their Bengali heritage. This short film was created as a contribution to the 2020 edition of South Asian Heritage Month.

Shot during the covid-19 lockdown in late spring of  2020, this collection brings together different stories offering an overview of the legacy of Partition on contemporary British Asian life, the impact of colonial ties on the movement from Bengal to Britain as well as the challenges and opportunities of growing up as British Bengalis.

Produced by the Migrant Memory and the Postcolonial Imagination research project (MMPI) at Loughborough University in collaboration with BritBangla. Edited by Imotion Media.

Contributors (in alphabetical order): Orin Begum, Anjuma Choudhury, Adam Hafiz-Poland, Tanbir Mirza-Baeg, Taryn Khanam.

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