Food and memory workshops in collaboration with Mulberry School for Girls, Whitechapel

In January 2020, with the help of Sabina Khan, Parent Liaison Officer at Mulberry School for Girls, we launched a series of “food and memory” workshops. As Abarca and Colby have argued: “food is central to defining the manner by which people’s emotional, psychological, social, economic, political, historical, and cultural realities are embodied as a lived and living history” (2016: 4), we aim to explore the relationship between food and memory with a group of British Bengali ladies in London.

We have conducted workshops on the following themes:

  • Fruit of Bangladesh
  • Memories of childhood
  • Food of London
  • Forgotten Dishes

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started, we had to move our activities on-line with a food and memory challenge: participants sending over photos of their dishes accompanied by reflections on the memories they trigger.

More about this project coming soon