Minara Rahman
Research Assistant

Minara Rahman is a research assistant for the MMPI project. As a research assistant, she has been working with people from Bangladesh, India, East Africa and Pakistan to explore memories of Partition and collect data through various methods such as watching films, photography, cookery, dance, and fashion.

Minara also works at Equality Action, where she is working on a mental health project to raise awareness on mental health issues mainly for people from marginalised communities. She has recently trained to become an instructor to deliver Mental Health First aid.

Minara was born in Bangladesh and has lived in Loughborough since her family moved when she was 2 years old. Minara has strong links in the community with people of all backgrounds, particularly from growing up in a diverse neighbourhood, attending local schools and community events. Being a local member of the community has advantages for both her jobs, to approach and engage with our target audience for the projects.

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