Yesmin Choudhury
Research Assistant

Yesmin Choudhury is a research assistant on the MMPI project. Yesmin’s role includes assisting with research activities and interviews, organising logistics for the research activities, recruiting people from the South Asian community to take participate in the project and translation. Yesmin is excited to work on this project as it gives her an opportunity to find out about the 1947 partition and the 1971 civil war between Pakistan and Bangladesh. She has been interested in the 1971 civil war for a while and would love to possibly conduct some research of her own on this in the future.
Yesmin also works at Equality Action which is a charity organisation that provides help and assistance to people from marginalised communities. She is currently working on a 5-year Big Lottery-funded project that concentrates on mental health issues within these communities in Loughborough.

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